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    The average American spends 11 hours a day in front of a screen. They’re traveling through a customer journey that is increasingly non-linear, consuming content and purchasing products after dozens of relevant touchpoints. Our social media management & marketing solutions intersect brand image and performance marketing. We create compelling audience experiences that produce valuable engagement, drive website traffic, and generate leads.

    One word — strategy.

    Strategic social media marketing is built on the belief that your content should not be overly sales-focused. While it’s essential to promote your products and services, engaging your audience with interactive content and community building activities can better develop new brand loyalists. We build your brand on the foundation of trust, you will then be able to reap the rewards through revenue generation, whether your goal is to push traffic to an e-commerce website or to collect viable leads.

    Crafting the digital brand.

    We begin with a social audit and competitive analysis to formulate a strategic social plan customized to your business. We discuss where you excel, where you fall short, and what opportunities you’re not taking advantage of. Identifying popular communities within your industry, as well as keywords and topics, will help us understand what type of content will get the most attention.


    Content development.

    We develop an organized calendar to map out all of our creatives for the month. valuable on-brand content, delivered at the right time, through the right channels, wins hearts & minds. The content is a mixture of promotional and branded content geared to your target audience. Your company’s voice will be reflected in everything we create.

    The Power of Advertising.

    Now to the fun part. While the goals of regular posting are engagement, the goal of social media advertising is sales. We hone in on your target audience based on online behaviors, interests, locations, and more. Generating more conversions, results, and cost-effective solutions from targeted social media advertising.



    Analytics & performance evaluation.

    We don’t just monitor all the numbers – we monitor the right numbers. This allows us to truly track the performance that matters. Each month, we provide comprehensive performance reports and make recommendations for future campaigns, consistently improving your return on investment.



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