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  • Should You Include Snapchat In Your Marketing Strategy?

    Jan 31, 2021 | Advertising, Conversion, Marketing, Snapchat, Social Media | 0 comments

    Snapchat first emerged in 2012. The app’s groundbreaking features excited social media users. They were able to post off-the-cuff content, use fun filters, and send content directly to their friends. Snapchat’s features grew so popular that Instagram, Facebook, and now Twitter have followed suit. Even though Snapchat paved the way for Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, and the more recent Twitter Fleets, it seems as though fewer people are talking about the pioneering platform these days.

    So, is Snapchat an effective marketing tool anymore?

    Snapchat still has about 229 million daily active users around the world. Although this number is dwarfed by the 500 million daily active Instagram users, or the 1.73 billion daily active Facebook users, Snapchat has seen a 20.5% increase in usage for business since 2019 with no sign of decline.

    Compared to Instagram and Facebook, Snapchat is the most used social platform among teens and young adults who collectively post over 210 million Snaps everyday.

    You’re probably wondering, is Snapchat an effective marketing tool for my business?

    If your business’s target audience is Gen Z or younger Millennials, then Snapchat has the potential to substantially benefit your business. These young social media users boast billions of dollars in spending power. What’s more, Snapchat users of the younger generations also tend to be more impulsive, both on and off the app. In fact, users are 60% more likely to impulsively purchase products advertised on Snapchat, compared to any other social app.

    Here are a few ways you can incorporate Snapchat into your marketing strategy:

    Cross-promote content from other platforms

    In order to do this successfully, you need to have followers on your other platforms. Inform your followers about your business’s Snapchat account and provide them with an easy way to Add your business. Try using your business’s Snapchat to post content that you don’t post on your other accounts, this gives your followers a reason to Add your business. 

    Post sneak peaks of your original Snapchat content on your other social media platforms to create a sense of excitement among your followers. This urges them to engage with you on Snapchat.

    Because you’ll be posting content for a younger audience, it’s important to keep up with the latest trends. If you can, incorporate current appropriate social trends into your content as often as possible. This tactic is more likely to keep users engaged in your content and invested in your business.

    Create a unique Lense and Geotag for your business

    One of the features that make Snapchat so enticing are the filters (referred to as Lenses) and Geotags. By creating an interactive filter that excites users, businesses create for themselves another opportunity for brand awareness and user generated content. When a new filter appears on a Snapchat user’s screen, they’re highly likely to try it. Once they try your filter, you can expect them to interact with it for at least 20 seconds, and possibly send it to their friends or share it to their Snapchat Story. And just like that, you’ve built brand awareness and gained new followers. 

    Dunkin Donuts used this strategy on National Donut Day. They created a filter that turned users’ heads into giant pink glazed donuts, which users found fun and entertaining. Dunkin Donuts also created a Geotag that could be unlocked by users when they entered a store. This campaign alone helped Dunkin Donuts gain 10x more followers

    Coordinate ‘takeovers’ with influencers

    If your marketing strategy includes working with influencers, try incorporating a Snapchat takeover into your content agreement. A Snapchat takeover is when an influencer is given the ability to post Snapchats from your business’s profile, which is an excellent way to provide fresh, new, exciting content to your followers. The influencer participating in the takeover will likely post on his/her own account about their upcoming takeover with your business, directing valuable attention and high quality traffic to your business’s social media pages. When coming up with effective ways to build brand awareness, grow your audience, and keep your current audience engaged, look no further than a Snapchat takeover.

    Pinpoint the marketing goals that Snapchat can help you achieve

    Setting specific social media marketing goals is necessary for your business’s success. Analyse your goals and pinpoint which goals Snapchat can contribute to. 

    If your goal is to increase traffic to your website and/or increase sales of a specific product, Snapchat has provided its users the ability to add links to their Snaps. 

    If you’d like to get a more in depth analysis of who your audience members are, Snapchat gives business accounts access to their analytics. You can find out the demographics of your Story viewers, including their age, gender, location, and interests. You’ll also be able to see how many people watched your Story, who watched your Story all the way through, and who skipped ahead.

    Invest in advertisements

    If your  business has a large Snapchat audience and an advertising budget, investing in Snapchat ads should be included in your marketing strategy. The main types of ads you can invest in on Snapchat include Story ads, Filters and Lenses, Collection ads, and Commercials. 

    Story ads

    Story ads can be found in Snapchat’s ‘Discovery’ section, as well as among your Story feed as promoted content. Snapchat Story ads can be 3 – 20 videos/images in duration, and are most effective in vertical form. To get the most out of your ad, include a call to action and link to your business’s website. 

    Filters and Lenses

    Along with increasing engagement, as we discussed earlier in this article, Snapchat Filters and Lenses are a fun and unique form of marketing for your business. The power behind these ads comes from Snapchat users’ ability to interact with and share the lenses. After creating your business’s unique Lense, you can pay for your Lense to be distributed to your target audience. The higher your budget, the more users you’ll be able to reach. 

    Collection ads

    Collections ads also appear within Stories and on the Discovery page. The ads include tappable tiles that allow users to shop directly from the app, making them ideal for ecommerce businesses. Compared to other ad forms, Collection ads get about 5x more engagement.


    Commercials appear within Snapchat’s curated content. They’re non-skippable for at least 6 seconds, and are effective in building brand awareness. Running a commercial ad on Snapchat is worth exploring if you have a big enough budget and your target audience aligns with Snapchat users’ demographics.

    In conclusion

    Although Snapchat attracts a specific audience, it is a valuable platform for businesses marketing to Gen Z and young Millennials. The ability to engage your target audience and market to them in different ways within the same app is proven to be incredibly efficient and effective. 

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