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  • How to Craft an Impactful Instagram Bio for Your Business

    Nov 13, 2020 | Instagram, Social Media | 0 comments

    Your Instagram bio is the first point of contact for users who found your profile through a hashtag, shared post, paid promotion, explore page, and so on. The goal is to create a bio that clearly and concisely portrays the personality of your business, explains the purpose of your business, and sets the tone for your client’s experience. Your Instagram bio is a key component of your online presence and should be factored into your Instagram marketing strategy.

    To help you craft the perfect Instagram bio for your business, we’ve laid out all the elements that make a bio impactful, and how to tackle each element in a way that aligns with your unique business.

    What goes into an Instagram bio?

    1. Name and Username

    Your username is your @handle. It is your Instagram identity and is part of your Instagram profile URL (instagram.com/username). Aim to keep your username short, yet easily identifiable. Your name is your business’s full name; no need to abbreviate, unless your business’s full name is a mile long. Both your username and name help people find your profile when using the Instagram search bar.  

    For example, Sprouts Farmers Market abbreviates their business name to ‘Sprouts’ for their @handle, while including their full business title in the name section.

  • Profile Photo
  • Your business’s profile photo should be cohesive with your business’s visual identity. The most common option is your business’s logo. It’s cohesive, relevant, and identifiable. Make sure to use the same profile photo across all of your social media platforms to create a recognizable and authoritative brand identity. 

    A great profile photo example is NBC Entertainment. Their profile photo includes the logo, the brand colors, and the brand name.

    1. Bio

    This is the section under your name, where you get to express your business’s personality in 150 characters or less. It’s important to include what the purpose of your business is, what you offer, and why users should follow you. Including all of the necessary information with a very limited character count can be overwhelming, and all too easy to overthink. 

    Don’t worry! We discuss how to plan your Instagram bio in the next section.

    1. Website

    This is the only section of your Instagram bio where you can include a clickable link. You only get one link, so choose it wisely! Many business’s use a service like Linktree to allow users to access multiple links of your choice.

    1. Category

    This Instagram bio feature allows you to specify which category your business falls under, like ‘restaurant’, ‘agency’, or ‘media’. When enabled, the category you’ve selected will be visible under your business name. This allows for more space in your bio to include other important details.

    1. Call-To-Action buttons

    To further free up space in your bio, you can take advantage of Instagram’s call-to-action buttons available exclusively to business accounts. This allows users to quickly and easily purchase from your business without ever leaving the Instagram app. When you enable the visibility of your contact info, you give users the option to contact your business with the click of a button, again, without ever leaving the app.

    Tips for Writing the Best Bio for Your Business

    1. Have a Clear Understanding of Your Goals

    Thanks to the 150 character limit, having clear goals and a sense of direction is crucial when writing your business’s bio. It can be difficult to come up with exactly what to say, so knowing the purpose of your business’s bio can help guide you in the right direction.

    Some examples of a bio’s purpose include portraying your business’s personality, promoting new products and services, outlining the purpose/mission of your business, and so on. If you decide to promote recent products and services in your bio, make sure your Instagram manager stays on top of updating the bio.

    Reese’s does a great job of using their bio to showcase their brand personality. 

    Meshki uses their bio to express their business’s purpose.

    Kylie Skin is a perfect example of using your business’s bio to promote new products or services. 

    1. Use Relevant Hashtags and Profile Links

    Hashtags and profile links are clickable in your Instagram bio. Using a hashtag or two that your business came up with, or that is relevant to your business is a wonderful way to direct users to consumer-generated content. If your business encompasses multiple Instagram accounts, include them in your bio. This allows users to find and explore the other branches of your business. 

    Fashion Nova effectively includes both hashtags to consumer-generated content and profile links to the other branches of the business.

    Here is a great guide to help you find the great hashtags for your brand.

    1. Make Sure it’s Easy to Read

    Don’t sacrifice a visually pleasing bio for more details about your business. It’s necessary for your bio to be read and processed without trouble. To make this happen, include line breaks, vertical bars, or emoticons to separate one piece of information from the other. 

    Cafe Gratitude uses vertical bars to keep their bio visually pleasing. 

    Natural Sprinkles Co. opted for emoticons and line breaks.

    Keep in mind, emoticons, special characters, and line breaks factor into your 150 character limit; use them wisely.

    1. Include a Compelling Call To Action

    Having the call-to-action buttons are fantastic, but including a CTA in your bio can be even more effective. Tell users what they need to do and why. Examples include encouraging users to visit your website, tag you in their post, visit your blog, download your ebook, or a simple “follow us” to stay up to date on new offers. 

    As the first point of contact for Instagram users, your bio needs to be powerful. It has the potential to drive sales and gather new customers, as well as showcase who you are as a business and what you stand for. It is a part of your social media marketing strategy that should not be overlooked. Are you ready to craft the perfect bio for your business? Keep these tips in your back pocket, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more helpful tips and tricks.

     Contact us for help curating the most effective social media marketing plan for your business.


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