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  • Five Reasons To Take Your Business To Twitter

    Nov 30, 2020 | Blog, Business, Social Media, Twitter | 0 comments

    Twitter is arguably the most valuable social platform for your business. Many users turn to the site to share and consume unfiltered thoughts and opinions, current news happening around the world, social trends, memes, and much more. Perhaps the most powerful feature on Twitter is the ability to ‘Retweet’ other users’ Tweets. Information and opinions can spread across the globe at an insurmountable rate, and those opinions are incredibly easy to find. 

    If you’re a Twitter user, you already know all of that. Allow me to expand on how the unique features of Twitter can benefit your business.

    1. Deliver Customer Support and Gather Feedback

    People are incredibly active on Twitter. In fact, the app sees 6,000 tweets every second. Included in these Tweets are insightful comments and conversations about your business, your products, your campaigns, and so on. What’s more, Twitter has made these comments and conversations very easy to find. By simply typing in the search bar a business name or a new product, every Tweet mentioning the name of your business or product is brought to the surface. 

    For example, after searching “Taco Bell potato,” it’s apparent that Taco Bell consumers would like to see the fast food chain serve potato products again. 

    Similarly, after searching “iRobot Roomba,” we learn that iRobot’s repair team may need improvement. On the other hand, Roomba from iRobot made a wonderful birthday present for a happy customer, who shared her excitement along with a photo of her iRobot.

    Asking your customers for feedback via reviews and surveys is effective, but the ability to find further customer feedback without asking is necessary for growth and improvement.

    2. Gain Valuable Customer Insights

    Searching for hashtags to discover the latest trends can be difficult when you’re not sure what to look for. Twitter’s explore page offers you updated lists of trending topics and hashtags relevant to your region and your industry. The explore page is a great place to discover what’s important to your audience in the present moment.

    3. Establish Brand Personality

    The voice and style of your Tweets help to establish the personality of your brand. Are you mature and straightforward? Are you fun and playful? Do you use emojis? What emojis do you use? 

    How your business presents itself on Twitter is a necessary element of your social media marketing strategy.

    Target, for example, displays their young and playful personality by participating in social media trends and interacting with their consumers light-heartedly.

    In contrast, Nike exudes a more straightforward personality; only Tweeting about their product launches and replying to customer complaints. 

    Not one brand personality is better than the other, but it’s important to consider what your brand personality on Twitter says about your business.

    4. Build Brand Awareness

    Interacting with your consumers is the best way to build brand awareness on Twitter. People have the ability to Like and Retweet your Tweets, which puts your brand in front of new audiences. 

    Likes and Retweets typically don’t come easily, especially if you’re a new business or your established business is new to Twitter. One of your main goals on all of your social media platforms should be to provide value. In fact, most of your content should be meaningful and valuable to your audience. 

    Twitter is no exception. 

    People Like and Retweet content that resonates with them. 

    Ben & Jerry’s does a wonderful job of Tweeting meaningful content that aligns with their company’s personality and morals. They sell ice cream, but their Twitter account tells us they care about causes bigger than themselves. 

    Oftentimes, establishing your brand personality and building your brand awareness go hand-in-hand. 

    5. Cultivate a Community

    On Twitter, it’s easy to start and join in on relevant conversations with your audience. This helps build a loyal following and create a community within your business. One of the most significant benefits of Twitter is the ability to easily find and interact with people who share similar interests.

    The detox guide and clothing business, Naturyl by NBK, focuses on fostering a community within their Twitter page. The business highlights consumers wearing Naturyl by NBK clothing, and supports consumers who participate in the Naturyl by NBK detox programs.

    Naturyl by NBK consumers feel as if they’re a part of something when they mention the business and receive recognition, or post a photo wearing Naturyl by NBK clothing and get featured on the business’s Twitter page. 

    So, Now What?

    Hopefully you have a better understanding of how to use Twitter for business and why it’s important to do so. If you’re still not sure how to use Twitter for your specific business, or you’d like help improving your Twitter presence, contact us! We’re happy to help.

    Or follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more tips and tricks.


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